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Dale Loughry
Dale LoughryPresident/Sales
Dale Loughry, President of Cal Coast Packing and Crating based in Carson, Ca is an industry veteran for the Packing and Crating business in Southern California. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, his service in the Navy in 1970 brought him to the West Coast, San Pedro. He began working for a packing and crating company at an entry level. Through hard laborious work, he gained experience, respect from his coworkers and was eventually promoted to Operations Manager. In this role, he ran the day to day right alongside those that reported to him. Striving to grow the business, Dale branched out into Sales and believed that connecting face to face would build strong relationships with customers and provide a level of service that many are seeking especially in our ever-evolving technical world.
In 1989 Dale Loughry after working for the company for several years, he saw an opportunity to reach beyond his current position and take a risk by investing in ownership of Cal-Coast Packing and Crating. He purchased the business and brought with him excellent hard-working people who followed him through each transition that led him to President and owner. Through the years of growth, it has grown into a family business. The humble beginning, the foundation of his business is built on quality, integrity and drive. As things change all around us, keeping that handshake, and old-school delivery of service is what sets Cal-Coast apart from the rest.
“I’m just a man who builds boxes”.
~Dale Loughry
Mario Loughry
Mario LoughryCEO
Prior to Cal-Coast, Mario has worked in the Warehousing, Production, Material Handling business for nearly 15 years. Like his father, he has worked from an entry level beginning and gained years of experience in related industries that made him an asset and brought a new, fresh approach to the Packing and Crating industry. Joining the family business in 2010 as an apprentice under the guidance of Dale Loughry and James Taylor, he has garnered many accomplishments that have been essential in the continued success of Cal-Coast. Providing excellent customer service by implementing a continuous improvement system for all facets of the business. Constant review and discussion with other industry contributors such as engineers and surveyors to stay informed and ahead of requirements. Forward thinking, results driven, Mario has demonstrated leadership skills, Project management, Financial Analysis, stability and performance minded attributes, that will enhance the business and pave the way for the future.
His vision for the future and success of Cal-Coast Packing and Crating is not only to continue being the industry leader, but to also uphold the reputation and integrity on which the business was built. This vision includes growth and to expand in the business in ways that will provide our future and existing customers a level of service that exceeds our own standards.
Valerie Loughry Dahlk
Valerie Loughry DahlkOffice Manager/Accounting
Valerie Loughry Dahlk, Office Manager/Accounting. In 1995 Valerie joined the family business at Cal-Coast Packing and Crating. Her early stages of learning the business through mentoring by her father and gaining experience by adapting to many different roles on any given day has contributed to the success of Cal-Coast. As Office Manager, she directly handles Human Resources, Accounting, Payroll, and business finances. Her innovation and streamlined mindset have and continue to be invaluable to Cal-Coast. In addition to staff development, she has collaborated with developers to create an efficient program for the business, is the lead on the infrastructure for the technology of Cal-Coast and has years of knowledge and experience with preparation of documents for air and ocean shipments. She has developed and maintained relationships with other industry contributors. Being at the forefront of the business, adapting to the fluctuations of the industry, Valerie has demonstrated the qualities of a dedicated employee.
Valerie believes that work ethic is integral to Cal-Coast Packing and Crating. The company was founded on this principal. Being the industry leader in this fast pace world comes down to a balance of old-fashioned respect in business transactions, and communications blended with a modern edge without losing the quality of the products and service we provide.
Amy Lopez
Amy LopezProject Manager
Amy Lopez, Project Manager. Amy came to Cal-Coast Packing and Crating in 2007. Her performance, productivity, organization and accountability are all essential traits that make an effective Project Manager. Managing workflow, monitoring timely completion of scheduled shipping, tracking inventory, effectively communicating with customers and collaborating with them to meet project goals and deadlines. Identifies, analyzes and resolves any day to day challenges, strives to meet and exceed standards to best accommodate the needs of a project, and the business. Amy works and motivates coworkers in a joint effort to produce a quality service, and give customers a worry-free experience.
Florencio Flores
Florencio FloresShipping and Receiving Supervisor
Florencio Flores, Shipping and Receiving Supervisor. A veteran of Cal-Coast Packing and Crating, Florencio began in 1992. Along with Florencio a few of his family members began with Cal-Coast at the same time, and are still an important part of this family business. His years of knowledge and experience are at the core of our success. Inventory coordinator, OOG cargo and container and flat rack load plan specialist, Annex 13 professional, not to mention exceptional forklift handling skills and rigging. Florencio loads and unloads over 2,500 trucks a year simultaneously managing the warehouse operations. Florencio works closely with all parties of the business and understands what it takes to work as a team. Being a team leader, he takes the initiative to improve processes to meet tight deadlines. He is well respected for his hard work, determination and for fostering work morale.
Joe Rangel
Joe Rangel
Joe M. Rangel, a Long Beach native joined Cal-Coast Packing and Crating in October 2018 as the Sales Manager. He brings with him over 26 years of industry experience. The early stages of his career began on the waterfront in 1991 as a Marine Surveyor. This provided a wealth of knowledge in compliance, standards, certifications, and fundamental mechanical systems. Extensive experience in damage/loss investigation and mitigation contribute to his comprehensive abilities that encompass many facets of the industry. He became a specialist in Transportation of OOG Project Cargo and Heavy lifts, Flatrack and Breakbulk cargo. Joe has managed successful rigging companies for over 23 years. His accomplishments, experience and understanding of the industry are a valuable addition to Cal Coast Packing and Crating.
Jim Taylor
Jim TaylorRetired
“Today was a busy what you can say normal work day, I am sooo happy for him and excited for his family. I am sooo sad for me, which is very selfish thing to say. No more bumping into you in the hallways, no more bets, (which I almost always won) you always reminding me that you can never make a crab walk straight. Or your favorite phrase lately (you can’t make this stuff up!?) It’s has been an honor to have learned the INDUSTRY from you. J.T. You are my favorite vińero.. May god continue to bless you and your beautiful family. #lifeisgood#retiredtosoon#”
– Amy Lopez

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I have been working with Mario at Cal Coast Packing and Crating for many years and he is always proven to be able to complete any task with ease. Mario is always looking at options that my better suite myself or my customer.  His rates are so that I do not even go out for comparisons .  Although Mario cheers for the LA Dodgers I still think a great deal of him.  I wish only but continued success in the future

PAM CERAVOLO, Conceptum Logistics (USA), LLC

Cal Coast Packing & Crating has completed hundreds of jobs for us, from the simple and easy to the tough and time critical; and they have always exceeded our high expectation.  Customer service is always number one, and when we assign work to Cal Coast we do not have to worry about something going wrong.  Their knowledge and experience make the toughest jobs a breeze!

BENJAMIN PESKA, Slade: Global Logistic Services Provider

Cal Coast Packing & Crating has been a tremendous part of our business. From the precise handling of our cargo to their impeccable customer service, they’ve provided more than a complete package. Demanding shipments have gone without a glitch and customers kept coming back for more. Great job Cal Coast and thank you for everything!


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